Dec 5 / CARE

Cyber Attack Quick Response Guide Cyber Attack Quick Response Guide
Here's a description of the infographic above. 

At the top, the title "Cyber Attack Quick Response Guide" is prominently displayed

Respond Section: This section outlines the immediate response actions. It includes a bullet point or icon indicating the execution of response and mitigation procedures, and the activation of contingency plans. 

Report Crime Section: Here, the necessity of reporting the cybercrime to law enforcement is emphasized. 

Report Threat Section: This part focuses on reporting cyber threat indicators.

Assess Breach Section: This critical step involves assessing whether there's a breach of protected health information. 

Decision Point - Is There a Breach?: 

Action If Breach Occurs: This section details the required actions if a breach is confirmed. For breaches affecting over 500 individuals, instructions to report to the OCR and media are included. For breaches affecting fewer than 500 individuals, the timeline for reporting to OCR is specified. 

Action If No Breach Occurs: Here, the requirement to document and retain all information considered during the risk assessment is highlighted. This could be depicted with an icon of a file folder or document, indicating record-keeping.

This infographic serves as a quick-reference guide, visually guiding the viewer through the steps to take in the event of a cyber attack.