Cybersecurity training,

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Cybersecurity Training,

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Bypass the Babble

Our efficient trainings focus on practical skills, allowing you to get back to work quickly, skipping the technobabble.

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We know cybersecurity training can be, well... boring | We know cybersecurity training can be, well... b | We know cybersecurity training can be, well... better than you expect.

We've employed a variety of tools and methods to ensure your trainings are engaging, relevant, efficient and... (almost) enjoyable.

Interactive Learning

Effective training requires more than just clicking through slides. That’s why our courses employ vibrant, interactive elements and an array of feedback tools, ensuring participants truly engage with the course material.  These techniques increase information retention and general satisfaction. 

Adaptive Education

At CARE Intensive, we're committed to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity in healthcare. We understand that the threat landscape is constantly evolving. That's why we continuously update our training programs to address new cybersecurity risks and changes in regulations. 

Role-based Training

In a given clinical setting, various staff will have their own unique training needs and obligations under HIPAA regulations. That's why our training programs are specially designed to cater to distinct roles within your practice or clinic.  From clinicians to support staff: we’ve got you covered.
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CARE CyberGuard Certification (CCGC) is available
for several industries

Each of our industry-specific trainings are further subdivided into role-specific learning flows.
Browse a few of our available CCGC courses below.

Behavioral Health

Comprehensive, HIPAA informed trainings for paraprofessionals, counselors-in-training, psychotherapists, psychiatrists along with clinical and administrative support staff.


A variety of trainings are available for school staff and administrators including: Cyberbullying: Awareness and Response, FERPA-informed data privacy and protection, email security, internet safety and more!

Financial Services

CARE Intensive offers a range of courses geared towards the varied requirements of the financial services industry. In addition to Fundamentals of Cybersecurity and Information Security Awareness, CCGC for Financial Services includes trainings rooted in GDPR, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Retail & E-Commerce

Due to the high volume of financial transactions and the collection of personal customer information, these industries are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Training courses in this sector are designed to address specific threats and compliance requirements.  Learn about PCI DSS Compliance, GDPR and CCPA data privacy and protection and much more!
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Individuals & Organizations

Whether you're leveling up your skills as an individual, or are dedicated to equipping your team members for success, CARE Intensive is devoted to clearing compliance hurdles for you.

We've distilled the most critical and pervasive cybersecurity challenges into engaging training sessions, allowing you to stay focused on the task at hand while upholding the highest standards of data security.