CARE Intensive | Behavioral Health

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What's included?

Outstanding features for highly customizable Courses, Units, Lessons, and Quizzes.

CARE CyberGuard Certification (CCGC)

This certification equips professionals with essential knowledge and practical skills to ensure a secure digital environment for your team, and your clients.

Unique Learning Paths

We guarantee you an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance

Video Conferencing

Enhance your virtual programs by allowing your learners to access high-quality live sessions through desktop and mobile

Regular Training Modules

Every three months, trainees will receive an email invitation to the next training module in the course. Each module is designed to keep your team up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity practices and HIPAA requirements.

Discuss with others

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection and get help with our coursework. 

Ongoing Education

Over a year, trainees will complete four training modules. After successfully finishing these modules, they will receive the CARE CyberGuard Certification. To maintain their certification, trainees must consistently participate in the quarterly training modules.

Take a peek at some of our source material

The Behavioral Health Cybersecurity Trainings offered by CARE Intensive incorporate the most current recommendations from governmental agencies, as well as address the latest cybersecurity threats identified within the industry.